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The way we were

A dear friend told me about something beautiful.

Hundreds of years ago and far away from here,

I once lived a long forgotten life.

Remembering a lifetime that was so delightful,

Was more than a precious gift overwhelming me.

Because of her, my beloved soul mate.

And if not for her,

I would not write these words, I would not even keep this memory.

It was so nice and gentle for it was simply the way we were.

I met her in spring while birds were singing,

A warm wind blew white clouds in a bluer sky,

When I looked in her big brown eyes.

From that moment I knew that she was the one I was looking for.

Even though she was ten years older, we became lovers,

Our relationship, we were as one.

In heaven's lake we swam up and down,

Touching fingers when passing by.

She was as a dolphin, swimming so fluently.

The green fields of England were our beloved homeland.

As farmers we worked hard, always standing together,

We kept a store nearby our home.

Working for life we were blessed with two kids.

Oh, precious joy in our rooms of protection,

Loving and taking care for each other so much.

We laughed and played in the sun.

Warmth, tenderness and affection was always around,

Love was ours for more than fifty years.

But then came sorrow, it wasn't so easy anymore.

Although there were no severe problems, I became sick.

It was then that we realized; it could not last for ever.

I told her; dear love of mine, know that we are soulmates.

I promise you, somewhere in the far future,

We will meet again, at least as friends.

Then I went over to heaven leaving her all alone.

Strong woman as she was standing in grace for another ten years.

In the end, at the age of 87, she died softly.

Manchester, 1639.


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